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Tax Planning

& Prep

Our experience includes tax reporting and preparation of all forms of tax entities including regular Corporations, all forms of pass-through entities including LLCs, Partnerships, S-Corp’s and Individuals.  We have also represented our clients interest’s with tax problem resolution before both national and local tax representatives.

In addition to meeting all of your tax reporting requirements, we can, also, assist you in the area of transactional and financial tax planning.  This would include entity formation planning and asset and/or investment acquisition planning, etc.

We offer cost effective tax planning and preparation services, and advise clients on all tax related issues.    Our tax practice extends to all principal areas of tax law, at the state, federal and international levels. The tax group handles matters for emerging businesses, partnerships, limited liability companies, and individuals both salaried and independent contractors. 

Our Clients, also, benefit from our extensive experience and understanding of IRS case objectives to successfully represent taxpayers in all tax audits matters before the Examination and Appeals Division of Internal Revenue and state taxing authorities.   

Our Tax professionals have extensive experience in preparing multi-state tax filings for clients across the United States. Many of our clients own real property or participate in businesses located out of their state of residence or domicile. Depending on state specific filing statutes, clients may have multiple state obligations or state tax credits. We ensure that all of the multi-state requirements are met by our clients.

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